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About novel coronavirus infection prevention measures

May 21, 2020

We have developed in-store infection control measures so that we can offer customers salon services with peace of mind.

We apologize for any inconvenience. However, we would ask for your understanding and cooperation as these are measures for the safety, security of our customers and staff.

【If any of the following applies, please change your reservation to two weeks in the future】

● Those who have returned from abroad within two weeks, including those who live in the same household.

● Those who have come into contact with anyone infected within the last two weeks at your company workplace, school, or organization, including those who live in the same household.

● Those who have visited an enclosed location (sports gym, restaurant, shop, etc.)  from which an infected person has been identified within the last two weeks.

● Those who have more than normal body temperature.

● Those who have a cough (other than those with chronic illness such as asthma)

● Those who are not in a good physical condition.



【Measures to prevent infection】

●All customers will be provided with masks and cotton gloves.

A safety fee of ¥120 will be charged.

●If you are vulnerable to low temperatures, please bring warm clothes (The store interior is ventilated. Blanket service is discontinued)

●Tea service is discontinued.

●The provision of magazines is discontinued

●Please refrain from staying in the waiting area when  there is no need 

●Checking the body temperature of staff upon reporting to work (when the body temperature is 37 degrees or higher (staff will not be permitted to work if body temperature is 37 degrees or higher)

● Staff will stop working if not feeling well.

● Staff will wear masks, clean clothes, and frequently disinfect hands.

● Scissors, clips, combs, etc. will be disinfected prior to each procedure.

● Disinfection of the set surface for each treatment

● Areas such as doors and reception booths that customers come in contact with will be frequently disinfected.

●We will operate with the fewest number of staff as possible.

●Limitation of reservations. 

●Talking is prohibited during shampoo procedures.

●  Massage services are currently discontinued. 

● Talking is limited to across the mirror and there will be no engaging in face-to-face conversation.


Please note that additional measures may be taken in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.



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